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Archives March 2020

Manus guard pleads with Morrison to settle claim before taking life

The Coalition’s offshore processing regime has taken another life, this time of a guard who wrote directly to PM Scott Morrison before she took her own life.

“I am done, I will never be the same. I see Manus everywhere, I see asylum seekers everywhere,” Ms Parker said.

Australia Says It Won’t Release Files On The Death Of A Young Man Sent To Nauru Because It’s Not Important To The Public

The Australian government has blocked access to two internal reports it holds about the death of a refugee on Nauru, claiming their contents are not important to the public.

Rakib Khan was just 24 when he died in May 2016, two days after he presented to the island’s hospital complaining of chest pains.

Support Activists in Greece Fighting to Welcome Refugees

As many of you would have read, the situation in Greece right now is particularly terrifying for refugees. Coastguard, as well as vigilante mobs, have been attacking those trying to reach the continent, especially in the wake of Turkey opening their borders. The Sydney Refugee Action Coalition has started this crowdfunding campaign to provide support to those refugee rights groups trying valiantly to tackle anti-refugee sentiment. Please support this campaign for extra funds to allow refugees inside Greece to travel on buses from the camps to join demonstrations against racism and an Australian-style detention system.