Now more than ever we need to campaign for refugee rights.

Standing up for our right to safely protest for refugees and people seeking asylum
– For people confined in crowded and unsafe detention
– For people denied the opportunity to build a life in safety and security
– For people left in limbo by cruel visa restrictions.

RAC asks for your time and participation more than we ask for your money, but we would appreciate any contribution, either with a small regular monthly commitment or a simple once-off donation.

We know times are tough for many of our supporters but they are even tougher for refugees, so if you can help, please contribute what you can and RAC will continue the campaign for refugee justice.

RAC receives no income other than donations from supporters.

Donations welcome

There are two ways to donate.

You can transfer money to our Westpac account:

BSB: 033062
Account: 633488

If you include your name or another identifier in the transfer and email us separately, we will gladly send you a thank you note acknowledging your donation.

Or you can donate using the form below.