A forum co-hosted by the Australian Refugee Action Network (ARAN) and the RMIT Arts, Labour & Working Life Collective was held on 7 December 2017 at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.


Mohammad Ali Baqiri, Refugee advocate formerly detained on Nauru
Professor Gillian Triggs, Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow University of Melbourne and formerly President of the Australian Human Rights Commission
Tracie Aylmer, Human rights advocate and submitter to the ICC
Julian Burnside QC, Human rights advocate and submitter to the ICC
Moderator: Corinne Grant, Lawyer and media personality

A recording of the forum is available online.

The over 200 people present to the forum resolved to ask the ICC in an open-letter:

  1. To look at the ample evidence provided by the submissions, of crimes committed against refugees and people
    seeking asylum by some members of the Australian Government;
  2. To conclude analysis of this evidence; and
  3. To commence proceedings against all or some of the people named in those complaints.

Many people have already signed the open letter. By 15 december 2017, 188 signatures had already gone to the ICC.