Detention is a COVID risk: Exercise Action outside Mantra

Saturday 16 May 2pm to 3pm

Show your solidarity with 60+ refugees trapped in crowded, unsafe conditions in the Mantra hotel, Preston, and all the refugees Australia is detaining and excluding.

Power walk, jog or ride a bike (while still physically distancing) out the front of the Mantra on the corner of Hotham and Bell streets, Preston.

One of our favourite stretches is “stretching” our arms above our head, crossing our hands to symbolise our opposition to this inhumane treatment of refugees.

And don’t forget to exercise your lungs; “Detention is a Covid Risk” and “Let them Out, Let them Stay”.

Activewear (RAC t-shirts) is available or wear the colour red in solidarity.

We encourage you to bring banners and placards – they make great stretching bands and weights.

At 2.30pm we will be independently warming down from our exercise session (while keeping physically distant) on the Hotham Street side of the hotel, to speeches and the tunes by Moz (who was detained on Manus and now in the Mantra).

This exercise action is a postponed part of RAC’s “Free the Refugees- Defend the Right to Protest: Week of Action”.

* If you can’t make it to Preston, you could exercise around Mantras in other locations, or MITA, the detention centre in Broadmeadows. Livestream and post photos here.

For more information, contact Lucy on 0404 728 104.