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  1. hello !i’m visiting York, uk at the moment from oz, and plan to have a peaceful palm sunday protest for justice for Australian refugees, can you suggest a petition I can print off to sign and get sent back to oz? some years ago I had petitions for the tarkine forest in tassie and loads of british people signed it….hope to have fact sheets for people as well, take care, and thanks for your help, much appreciated

    1. Hi Jaquie, on our resources page, you can find our latest petition to stop offshore processing in wake of attacks on refugees on Manus Island, there is also a petition against TPV’s and other parts of Abbott’s anti-refugee agenda, which is still relevant. Just click on any of the bullet points to download the documents. There are fact sheets there as well (some resources may be in Word rather than pdf, if that is a problem let us know)

      Chris Breen

  2. Australia seems to want to continue its historical practice of persecution of brown or black people. Its part of its colonial arrogant history. A party to many international conventions on human rights it now chooses under both persuasions of government to be worse than the persecutors of refugees seeking safety from persecution.
    These christian polticians we have should not go to church for with the death of yet another refugee and the disgraceful delay in providing medical assistance the political swill we have representing us have earnt a place in hell.
    I am ashamed to have the tag of Australian on my passport.

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