Refugee Action Collective (Vic)

Free the refugees! Let them land, let them stay!

July 22 – Action against Gillard: No Malaysian “solution!” No offshore processing!

Friday, July 22. 11.30am. Park Hyatt Hotel, 1 Parliament Square, off Parliament Place

This action has been cancelled due to Gillard postponing her speech.

Julia Gillard’s plan to ship asylum seekers to Malaysia as part of the so-called Malaysian “solution” is a direct attack on the right to seek asylum by any means necessary as guaranteed by international law. It is a further return to the dark days of John Howard and the pacific “solution.”

Speaking at the Park Hyatt on the 22nd of July, the Refugee Action Collective want to make sure Gillard can’t show her face in public in Melbourne without vocal and angry opposition to her attacks on the basic human rights of asylum seekers and refugees. Come to the Park Hyatt and voice your outrage.

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July 9 – Rally: Close Broadmeadows Detention Centre! Children Out of Detention!

When: Saturday, July 9, 1pm.
Where: Broadmeadows Detention Centre, Camp Road, Broadmeadows. Meet in the Kmart carpark on the corner of Sydney and Camp Road (map link) for a march down to the centre after speeches.

The Gillard Labor government promised last year that all children would be released from detention by June, and then Bowen announced that all children would be released from detention by the end of June. Now it is clear that the government isn’t fulfilling their promise. They now say half will be out by the end of June.

The Refugee Action Collective (Victoria) is urging refugee supporters to protest outside Broadmeadows Detention Centre to hold Labor to account for not releasing all children from detention. No child should be locked behind fences for the ‘crime’ of seeking asylum.

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