Refugee Action Collective (Vic)

Free the refugees! Let them land, let them stay!

RAC calls for migration system that respects refugees

RAC Vic has made a submission to the Department of Home Affairs review of Australia’s migration system.

RAC’s recommendations include:

  • all refugees and asylum-seekers remaining in PNG or Nauru be brought here ASAP
  • all amendments to the Migration Act that inserted or further “strengthened” sections 501 and 116 (and closely related provisions) be repealed
  • the Migration Act’s Refugee Convention-based definition of “refugee” be extended to cover people forced to leave their country due to the effects of climate change
  • all refugees and asylum-seekers who arrive in Australia receive the humanitarian program’s level of support and benefits
  • permanent visas be granted ASAP to the following non-citizens: refugees and asylum-seekers denied justice by the unfair “Fast Track” system; all those who were or are detained in Australia, Nauru or PNG; and those on TPVs, SHEVs, and Bridging Visas.

Read the RAC submission in full.

Art auction a big success

RAC’s Art Meets Activism art auction on Saturday 12 November was a huge success, with more than 100 attending and 90 per cent of artworks sold.

The in-person auction and online, silent auction raised more than $40,000 between them.

Refugees whose works sold received 100 per cent of the bid price. The remaining income, after expenses, will be split between the Brigidine Asylum Seeker Project (BASP) and RAC.

RAC would like to thank the artists whose generous donations of their work made the event possible, sponsors, the auctioneer and those who attended.

BASP uses donations to help feed, house and clothe refugees and asylum-seekers. RAC will use its share of the proceeds to step up the campaign for refugee freedom.