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Put Out a Welcome Mat for Refugees: 7 December

It’s time to end the hate; it’s time to stand up against the racism; it’s time to welcome refugees. On December 7, be a part of ‘Put out a Welcome Mat for Refugees Day’. Join with thousands of Melbournians to tell Tony Abbott and his government that enough is enough – it’s time to put out a welcome mat for refugees. Help make sure that on December 7, Melbourne is awash with messages that call for the government to put out the welcome mat for refugees.


  • Chalk/poster/leaflet/letterbox streets and train stations in your neighbourhood in the lead up to, and/or on, December 7 – DISPLAY POSTERS AVAILABLE HERE
  •  Approach neighbourhood centres/businesses/workplaces to display welcome posters in the lead up to, and on, December 7th.


  • Come to the launch, 10am State Library Melbourne, December 7. Bring your own welcome mats and messages calling for welcome centres, not detention centres!
  • Publicise the launch – event posters here RAC – welcome mat A4  &   RAC – welcome mat- A5 small size
  • Stay in touch with the event through the Facebook event
  •  Share what you plan to do by leaving a comment below.
  •  Shower your neighbourhood with messages calling on the government to welcome refugees!
  •  Take photos of the welcome messages and put them on instagram (details to come soon).

What would it take for our government to genuinely put out a welcome mat for refugees?

Our Welcome Mats symbolise a call to:
i) Turn detention centres into welcome centres- replace mandatory detention with resettlement support and community services;
ii) Process and resettle refugees in Australia- close offshore processing camps on Nauru and Manus Island;
(iii) Ensure that refugees are granted permanent, not temporary protection;
(iv) Ensure all asylum seekers have the right to work;
(v) End all forced deportations to danger;
(vi) It is no crime to seek asylum, it should be no crime to bring the boats;
(vii) Invest the $8 billion dollars set to be wasted on detention and offshore processing over the next four years into health, education and community services for all of us, including refugees and asylum seekers.

Event poster


Amnesty International Australia Refugee Network (Vic),

Australian Churches Refugees Taskforce

Victorian Greens

Radical Women

Statement from Crossing Borders on Asylum Seeker Policy

RAC received this statement outlining a campaign launched by the Victorian chapter of Crossing Borders, a national project of the Australian Medical Students Organisation. Seven hundred and fifty medical students across Monash, Melbourne and Deakin universities signed the statement voicing opposition to the indefinite detention of recognised refugees who are given adverse security assessments by ASIO.

Shaday Wheatley, Advocacy Officer at Crossing Borders notes: “The profound effects of detention of on the health of refugees and asylum seekers have long been established – an effect that increases exponentially the longer a person is in detention. A policy that keeps refugees, including children less than 10 years of age, in detention indefinitely is in direct violation of Australia’s commitment to the UN Refugee Convention and reflects an alarming trend away from policies that mitigate negative health outcomes for refugees and asylum seekers. The medical students of Victoria feel it is our professional responsibility to add our voices to the chorus that is condemning the health consequences of this policy.”

Crossing Borders Statement on refugee policy

Emergency protest! Stop the Malaysia deal! Let the refugees into Australia!





22 August · 12:30

Department of Immigration (Casselden Place, 2 Lonsdale Street CBD)


The High Court will begin their proceedings into the Governments so-called Malaysia ‘Solution’ on August 22nd and we have to let the government know how we feel about it!

We don’t want a Malaysia solution OR a Nauru solution!

We want to let the Refugees in!

Let’s get some media attention and all come together wearing RED!
A red t-shirt would be ideal.

Why red? Because we are PASSIONATE about our cause, we are ANGRY about the governments actions and we want to show SOLIDARITY to those faced with possible deportation to Malaysia!

Organised by the Refugee Action Collective Victoria

For more information contact Naomi Farmer 0419 355 511 or Sue Bolton 0413 377 978