Action Alert: Protest against G4S involvement in the murder of Reza Berati – and the Abbott government cover up


Protest at G4s headquarters


1pm this Friday April 4


441 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004


“Asylum seekers on Manus Island have directly accused G4S guards of the murder of Reza Berati and the violent attacks on themselves. They can name and identify their attackers. There is no doubt that G4S staff were among those who killed Reza and brutally attacked other asylum seekers.” said Chris Breen for the Refugee Action Collective


“However it has been reported that G4S and its employees have refused to co- operate with a PNG police investigation into the murder of Reza Berati, and two Australian G4S employees wanted for questioning were allowed to return to Australia. The Australian Federal Police has also refused a request to help PNG police investigators”


“The Abbott government is placing no pressure on G4S or the AFP to cooperate, because the Abbott government is itself protecting the murderers of Reza Berati.”


“Scott Morrison’s intial story about the attack on Manus: that there was a riot by ‘Illegal maritime arrivals’ who had broken out of the Manus camp, breaching fences, and brought the ‘response’ of G4S and PNG police upon themselves, has been exposed by eyewitnesses as untrue.”


“Its lies exposed, the Abbott government has now moved to stop any information getting out, colluding with the PNG government to shut down Justice Canning’s human rights enquiry, and even refusing to release the report of its own compromised investigation into the incident” said Breen


We are protesting to demand:


– Full and open inquiry into the murder of Reza Berati and attacks on asylum seeker on Manus Island


– G4S must fully co-operate with any inquiry


– Staff must be made available for interview


– Video footage, documents, communications must be turned over


– All inquiry findings must be made public




For further comment call
Chris Breen  0403 013 183 or

Sue Bolton 0413 377 978