RAC calls for migration system that respects refugees

RAC Vic has made a submission to the Department of Home Affairs review of Australia’s migration system.

RAC’s recommendations include:

  • all refugees and asylum-seekers remaining in PNG or Nauru be brought here ASAP
  • all amendments to the Migration Act that inserted or further “strengthened” sections 501 and 116 (and closely related provisions) be repealed
  • the Migration Act’s Refugee Convention-based definition of “refugee” be extended to cover people forced to leave their country due to the effects of climate change
  • all refugees and asylum-seekers who arrive in Australia receive the humanitarian program’s level of support and benefits
  • permanent visas be granted ASAP to the following non-citizens: refugees and asylum-seekers denied justice by the unfair “Fast Track” system; all those who were or are detained in Australia, Nauru or PNG; and those on TPVs, SHEVs, and Bridging Visas.

Read the RAC submission in full.