Car convoy fines update

RAC supporters are continuing to contest the fines imposed on Good Friday 2020 for taking part in a COVID-safe car convoy around the Mantra Hotel in Preston, where Medevac refugees were being held.

Thirty refugee supporters were fined $1652 each, taking the total bill for standing up for refugee rights to about $50,000.

RAC activist Chris Breen was arrested at home the same day and charged with incitement for allegedly posting a Facebook event promoting the car convoy. He won his case in court in March this year.

The legal process of challenging the fines has been long and drawn out, partly because there is a case in the Supreme Court of Victoria which may well affect the magistrate’s decision in the RAC case.

On 6 September, the RAC case was adjourned once again.

There will be a special conference on 21 December, where legal matters arising in the light of the Supreme Court case will be discussed. This will be followed by a contest mention on 7 March 2023.

RAC will continue to campaign for the right to protest for refugees.

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