TODAY 5pm Feb 11 | Snap Action: Back the Medical Transfer Bill, No Back-flips

When: 5-6pm, 11th February 2019

Where: State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston St, Melbourne

Back the Medical Transfer Bill
Let doctors make medical decisions, not politicians
Close Manus and Nauru
Bring Them Here

Journalists are reporting that Labor is wavering on the medical bill to transfer sick refugees from Nauru or Manus. Labor voted for the bill in the senate, but whether it will vote for it tomorrow in the lower house or try to amend the bill is unclear.

Shorten is said to be giving ground on the Immigration Minister’s power of veto, but the minister already has the power to block evacuations on national security grounds in the current bill.

The Coalition has launched a scare campaign of lies. Morrison has
claimed about sick refugees that “they may be a paedophile, they may be a rapist, they may be a murderer” but has no evidence of this.

The refugees Australia has been holding on Manus and Nauru for more than five years have already been vetted many times over.

Coalition MP Christopher Pyne claimed 1000 people from Manus and Nauru could come here under the legislation — if only that was true!

Hiding behind Pyne’s exaggeration about the scope of the bill for
transfer is the truth that the Coaliton government has damaged the
health of almost all the refugees. It has been responsible for the deaths of 12, and well over half have serious mental heath years after five years of indefinite detention without charge.

They should all be brought here and they pose no threat.

It is the Coalition government that is the threat — to refugees, and all working people in Australia.

We are calling on Opposition leader Bill Shorten not to back down to the Coalition’s scare campaign. Don’t let Morrison off the hook, don’t abandon refugees and asylum seekers on Manus and Nauru.

Labor and all the independents must support the medical transfer bill and reject Morrison’s scaremongering . It is the only way to finally end politicians interfering to prevent refugees getting the medical help they need.

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