An Iranian asylum seeker, brutally bashed by Nauruan locals on Tuesday, was medivacced to Australia yesterday, Wednesday, 23 January.
Refugees who saw him said his conditionĀ  was “very bad”, with serious facial injuries. It is thought he may have suffered brain injuries. Although he was conscious, he was confused and incoherent.
There is no information about his present condition.
The bashing comes only two weeks before the Federal parliament will consider a medical transfer amendments that will allow asylum seekers and refugees on Nauru and Manus Island to be transferred to Australia for medical treatment on the advice of two treating doctors.
“Nauru remains unsafe,” said Ian Rintoul , spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition, ” The medical facilities are completely inadequate. This medivac is just the latest indicationĀ  of the lack of treatment that is available on Nauru. Even many basic blood tests can be done on the island. Hundreds of refugees have had to transferred to Australia for treatment.
“It is time Nauru was evacuated and closed completely, and everyone brought to Australia.”
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