Action Alert: Human Rights Day Refugee Rally to call for end to offshore crisis

Action Alert: Human Rights Day Refugee Rally to call for end to offshore crisis

Refugee supporters will rally on Human Rights Day, 6.30pm December 10 in the Bourke St Mall, calling to end offshore processing and bring the refugees here.

The rally will also call on MPs to back the Phelps refugee bill when federal parliament resumes in February.

‘Morrison filibustered yesterday, but offshore processing is unravelling. Morrison escaped defeat on the floor of parliament only by using delaying manouevers. When parliament resumes he faces defeat over refugees, something he has staked his political career on.’ said Chris Breen for the Refugee Action Collective

‘Kerryn Phelps’ bill would have brought all children and families from Nauru, and allowed the medical transfer of adults to Australia from the offshore prisons.’

‘As Morrison delays, the medical crisis on Manus and Nauru worsens. A twenty-eight year old Iraqi refugee is dying in the Pacific International Hospital. Two more acutely ill refugees were medevacced from Manus to Port Moresby on Wednesday (5 Dec 5) joining 10 other refugees already in the Pacific International Hospital. Three more in Lorengau Hospital need urgent transfers. A refugee attempted suicide yesterday (Dec 6) and was transferred to hospital. Three refugees on Manus Island attempted suicide on Monday (Dec 3) this week.’

‘Labor’s support for Phelps bill was welcome and has exposed both Morrison’s callousness, and the precarious nature of his minority government. It is the first time since 2006 Labor has been prepared to vote against the Coalition on refugees. Morrison accused Labor of backflipping on the issue, but so too has he as he has brought children off Nauru under the pressure of the refugee movement.’

‘Refugee supporters are rallying on Human Rights Day, to keep up the pressure to end the offshore crisis, and close the hellholes. The rally will also call on Labor to shift policy at its upcoming ALP National Conference to abandon support for offshore processing. If Labor was to shift, it would signal the end for offshore processing, and ramp up pressure on Morrison to end the offshore medical crisis now.’

Speakers include:

David Manne – Refugee Legal Executive Director

Tris Maridiastuty – Board Member responsible for refugees and human rights at the Islamic Council of Victoria

Shawfikul Islam – Rohingya refugee

Aziz, live cross from Manus

Mehdi, live cross from Nauru

Pauline Brown, Labor for Refugees

Call Chris Breen from the Refugee Action Collective on 0403 013 183 for further comment