4pm Fri Nov 9 | Qantas Don’t Deport to Danger-Let Huyen, Priya & Nades stay

When: 4pm, Friday 9th November 2018

Where: 79-81 Victoria Pde, Collingwood, VIC

Facebook event here

Rally at Jetstar Corporate Office calling on Qantas and all airlines not to deport Huyen, Priya, Nades or any asylum seekers to danger.

We need to keep up the pressure to prevent the deportation of Huyen, Priya, Nades and family.

Vietnamese asylum seeker Huyen faces deportation and indefinite separation from her 6 month old daughter Isabella and husband Paul.

Peter Dutton has the power to disallow people who come by boat making asylum claims. Dutton refuses to ‘lift the bar’ to allow Huyen to make a claim for asylum. The outcome of her recent case to challenge this was negative.

Priya, Nades and their Australia born children Kopica and Tharunicaa remain in detention in Melbourne, after living and working in Biloela for four years

There are currently no legal barriers to the deportation of Hyuen, or Priya, Nades and their children.

Dutton can intervene in hours to bend visa rules for the au pairs connected to his mates and Coalition donors. But he won’t allow a single act of compassion for Huyen, or Priya and Nades.

This rally has been called to keep up public pressure for airlines to refuse to do Dutton’s dirty work.

Nine women who are finalists for Qantas awarda have spoken out against Qantas participation in forced deportations

Commercial airlines have flown countless asylum seekers to danger. In the US United, American, and Frontier have told Trump they won’t fly separated children of immigrants and asylum seekers other than to return them to their parents. In the UK Virgin won’t fly deportations of the Windrush generation. In Germany Lufthansa pilots have refused on hundreds of occasions to fly asylum seekers to danger. It’s time for Qantas to step up and stop aiding the Australian government commit human rights abuses.

Join us to demand that Qantas refuse to take part in these, or any other future deportations.

Sign the online petition to call on Qantas and other airlines not to let Dutton use their aircraft, pilots or crew to force them to danger:

Sign the online petition Don’t deport Huyen – Stop separating families

Sign the peititon don’t deport Priya, nades and children

call Chris for more info 0403 013 183