8:30am Mon Oct 1 | Let Huyen Stay- solidarity protest at court hearing

When: 8:30-10am Monday 1st October

Where: 305 William St, Melbourne (next to Flagstaff Gardens/Flagstaff Station)

Facebook event here

Join RAC outside the Federal Circuit Court hearing to demand that Huyen is allowed to stay in the community.
Huyen is facing the Federal Circuit Court to argue that she should be allowed to make a statutory claim for asylum. The court could overturn the initial non-statutory decision that means the minister has not “invited” Huyen to access the statutory refugee assessment process.
But Peter Dutton does not need a court decision to stop the deportation of Huyen- all it took to help his friends’ au pairs with visas was a text message. He could do the same for Huyen, and prevent indefinite separation from her baby Isabella, and her husband Paul, and a dangerous return to anti-Catholic persecution in Vietnam for Huyen.