An Iraqi refugee who was one of two people left blind in one eye after the attacks on the Manus detention centre in February 2014, has been flown to Brisbane after a court order in Melbourne last week.

Mohammad lost the sight in his right eye in the same attack that resulted in the death of Reza Barati. Unlike Reza, the other man who list his eye that night, Mohammad was not sent to Australia for treatment. He has been progressively losing the sight in his left eye, until he is now effectively blind.

Mohammad was flown from Port Moresby to Brisbane on Sunday 1 September, for treatment to try and save some sight in his left eye.

Like Reza Barati, Mohammed was a victim of the then Immigration Minister, Scott Morrison, who tried to cover up the seriousness of the attack initially claiming the asylum seekers had been attacked outside the detention centre.

Fours years later, Morrison is Prime Minister and is still responsible for holding the refugees on Manus and still responsible for Border Force blocking refugees on Manus and Nauru getting badly needed medical help.

It has taken court orders to get Mohammad the help he needed when he was brutally atacked inside Manus prison four years ago.

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