Australian Border Force authorities on Nauru have rejected Fariborz mother’s wishes that Fariborz’s body be sent to Australia for burial.

Fariborz’s mother wrote a plea to Border Force on 27 June. More than 200 refugees also presented a petition to Border Force requesting that Fariborz body be sent to Australia and for help for his wife, mother and younger brother.

Border Force officers insisted the only options were to send Fariborz’s body to Iran or arrange the burial on Nauru.

The family have rejected both options as it would mean permanent separation of the family from Fariborz’s final resting place.

Since the Border Force declaration this afternoon, Fariborz’s distraught mother is staging a protest sit-in at the gates of RPC1,  ‘so vehicles won’t disturb my son.’

Fariborz’s body is being kept in a container in RPC 1; the detention administration compound  where the family has also been held since Fariborz’s death on 15 June.

‘Women Supporting Women On Nauru’ has begun a petition to call on the government to allow Fariborz’s family to bring his body to Australia.


“What possible reason could there be to deny the family’s request?” asked Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.  “Australia is a lot closer than Iran, and there is family in Australia that can tend for Fariborz’s body and give his family some peace of mind.

“The government’s refusal is heartless beyond belief. We are urging the government to positively respond to Fariborz’s family’s request.  Fariborz and his family should never have been on Nauru. The least the government can do is to respect the wishes of his family and the community and bring his body to Australia.”

For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 285 713