E-Petition in response to new restricting onshore detention visiting conditions

Please sign the petition here to say ‘no’ to new and restricting visiting conditions in Australia’s onshore detention centres.

Copied from the petition:

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To the Hon. Speaker of the House of Representatives and Members of the House of Representatives

Certain citizens of Australia

Onshore immigration detention centres around Australia have recently implemented new, harsher visiting conditions.These conditions are part of a long-term trend of tightening conditions, including reducing the length of visits, limiting items permitted into visits (e.g. banning fresh foods), and complicating the booking process. The most recent changes include limiting visit bookings to one detainee per visit rather than groups, booking visits five business days in advance, and providing 100 points of identification both on application and arrival. Bringing games and art supplies is now also forbidden. These changes are implemented by the Australian Border Force through their contractors, Serco, as security and safety measures. However, there has been no effective community consultation, or apparent consideration of their impact on the detainees’ mental health and social wellbeing. Significant negative effects of these changes include: removing the positive contribution of group visits which facilitate overcoming language barriers and increasing the frequency of visits for detainees; enforcing the use of a convoluted and unreliable booking system; and requiring forms of ID that many visitors cannot easily provide. These changes appear to serve no purpose beyond deterring visitors and isolating detainees.

We, the undersigned, request the House of Representatives to direct the Home Affairs Ministry to stop and roll back the current, unsustainable, visiting procedures in detention centres. We further request effective community consultation be put in place regarding any future changes to visits, and to discuss the easing of past changes.