TODAY 5:30pm |Emergency speak out: Manus men under attack

When: TODAY 5:30pm 23 November
Where: State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston St, Melbourne
Right now police and navy are in the compounds on #Manus pushing people to leave the centre. Reports that some men have been assaulted. Authorities are aggressive and using force but the peaceful men are resisting.

Join us for an emergency speak out TONIGHT to call to immediately#BringThemHere and #EvacuateNow.

We will have an open mike, with chalking and solidarity photos.
Please bring instruments such as drums if you have them, and bring along your friends.

This action does not replace tomorrow’s rally – we still need a large turn-out on Friday to make it all the more clear that this kind of abuse is not acceptable.
Come tonight and help us get even more people into the city tomorrow.

Facebook event here
Call Abi at 0429 194 161 for more info
The following are quotes from Behrouz Boochani (journalist detained on Manu) via Twitter:
“The police, special forces, police squad are now in their hundreds, spreading through the prison camp and around the prison. Navy soldiers are outside the prison camp. We are on high alert right now. We are under attack.”
“Some of the police squad are swearing at the refugees and threatening them to move. The refugees are still silent and sitting peacefully. Police have started to break the shelters, water tanks and are saying “move, move.” Too much tension and too scary.”
“They are taking the phones and are very aggresive and are taking out some refugees who still remain in the rooms. Something terrible is happening right now, they are taking the refugees out of the rooms.”
“They are destroying everything. Shelters, tanks, beds and all of our belongings. They are very aggressive and put our belongings in the rubbish bins. The refugees still are silent are watching them so scared.”