5:30pm Fri 24 Nov |Rally for Manus: End the Siege – Bring Them Here

When: 5:30pm Friday 24th November

Where: State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston St, Melbourne.

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End the Siege -Bring Them Here

Recurring rally, every Friday from 5.30pm, State Library
Followed by march and street sit in

speakers include Aziz live from Manus,
Adnan Abdulkarim, Ahwaz refugee from Iran who was detained on Christmas Island.
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“We have been denied our basic needs, water and food and electricity. That does not mean that we are going to surrender. We have been in this place for four and half years, and we have not committed any crime” Sudanese refugee Aziz

“The past week, we have been travelling with starvation. There is no food or water in this detention centre….We send a clear message to the PNG and Australian government, that we are not going to leave this detention centre to go to another detention centre. We only want freedom in a safe country…”
Kurdish journalist refugee, Behrouz Boochani

Around 420 refugees remain strong after 22 days, defying the siege, and refusing to be forced from one prison to an even worse one. It is long past time they were granted freedom and brought to Australia.

Not only is water not being provided, but PNG authorities doing Minister Dutton’s dirty work have sabotaged water supplies refugees have collected themselves from rain water, by destroying water tanks. Some refugees have become sick from drinking unhygienic water, and having no sanitation. Water, like freedom, is an absolute human right.

Aziz on Manus reports “there are approximately 100 sick men in detention now, many in serious conditions especially those with mental issue they run out of meds”.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is terrorising these refugees for attempted political gain. But just as the movement for equal marriage has pushed back the Coalition conservatives, the movement for refugee rights is also making political ground. The continuing struggle of the sick, hungry, and thirsty men on Manus is humiliating the Coalition government, who are increasingly isolated over their barbaric treatment of the refugees

Given the continuing crisis situation for refugees on Manus Island, Refugee Action Collective will be holding a weekly rally on Friday’s starting at the State Library, followed by a street sit in. As well as this rally there will be one on Friday Dec 1.

call Chris Breen 0403 013 183 for more info