2pm Sat 4 Nov | Rally for Manus refugees: End the Siege, Bring Them Here

When: 2pm Saturday 4th November

Where: State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston St, Melbourne

state library

speakers tba

End the Siege
Bring Them Here

Dear refugee supporters;

Given the escalating crisis situation for refugees on Manus Island, Refugee Action Collective are asking you to participate in a mass intersection occupation following the rally at State Library at 2pm this Saturday. 

Peter Dutton and the Liberal government’s posture of relentless cruelty to the Manus refugees hides the fact that this is a weak government, growing weaker by the day, and our protests can be effective. There is widespread and deeply held opposition to the offshore detention regime. Unionists, faith and ethnic community leaders, grandmothers, Rural Australians, medical practitioners, lawyers, teachers, artists, entertainers, Greens and Labor politicians and international and local Human Rights organisations have condemned Australia’s offshore detention regime. Civil disobedience uniting these broad forces will give much needed amplification to our message that Australia must “Bring them Here”.

Please bring what you will need to be comfortable; we may be occupying for some time.

Let us know if you will be coming and would like to speak at our “open mike” session, and let us know if you can bring a contingent from your organisation to maintain a broad representation at the occupation.

For more information, contact Lucy 0404728104.


The situation on Manus Island is at a crisis point.
As of Tuesday October 31st, the Australian-run detention centre on Manus Island, PNG, will be officially closed and the 600 men (asylum seekers and refugees) being held there will be forced to relocate to transit and detention centres in the town of Lorengau.

Why is this a problem?
The men have already been subject to numerous and ongoing violent attacks in Lorengau, including with machetes and bush knives that have cut to the bone. Forcing them into the community will dramatically increase the risk of extreme harm and even death as a result of such violence.
Once left in the community, they will not even be provided with enough resources to buy sufficient food or other necessities. Food is not provided, & refugees given only 100 Kina (about $40) per week.
They will not be guaranteed any of their needed on-going medications or care, resulting in an extreme exacerbation of the existing mental health crisis.
The new centres to which the men are being moved are either not properly equipped to house them, or even barely in the beginning stages of construction.
Six men have already died on Manus as a result of Australia’s policies and treatment of these people.

Things that won’t solve the problem:
Men have been offered the ‘opportunity’ of moving to Nauru, Australia’s other offshore prison, another place unequipped to provide them with free, safe and healthy lives.
Others have been deported, or ‘voluntarily’ chosen to go back to their countries of origin – showing that the cruelty and torture imposed on them by the Australian government was even worse than the horrific persecution they fled from.
The US refugee deal has seen only 27 people leave from Manus after more than a year, and no more indications of placements. Even if the deal was fulfilled in full, hundreds would be left behind. Australia has refused to accept New Zealand’s offer to resettle refugees.

What is happening now?
Food, drinking waterand electricty have been cut off from the current centre in an attempt to force people out of one unbearable situation into an even worse one. All workers and security have left and the men have been abandonned. The detention centre is being looted by locals.
As of today Nov 1, the men have been told that the centre will become an active military base.
All staff, security and services have been abruptly withdrawn and there are currently no medical services, and no mental health support. The World Health Organisation found that anxiety, depressive disorders and other mental illness, afflicted 88% of people detained by Australia on Manus Island.

The men have been peacefully protesting every day for over
90 days, and plan to peacefully resist the transfer, but are in
real fear that they will be subject to violence as a result.

This is a crisis situation. We are calling for human rights observers, for an end to the siege, and for all the men on Manus to brought here to safety. The Australian Government must take responsibility and evacuate these people to safety immediately.
#Manus #EvacuateNow #BringThemHere

call Chris Breen on 0403 013 183 for more info

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