12pm Sat 2 Sept | Rally to say Let them stay- Make them welcome- Bring them here

Rally 12 noon Saturday 2nd September, Parliament House, cnr Spring & Bourke Sts Melbourne (note change of venue)

Speaker include
Aran Mylvaganam – Tamil reufgee
Andrew Giles – ALP MP
Dr Helen Driscoll – trauma psychiatrist
Father Bob Maguire – priest & community worker
Rohingyan refugee speaker

Facebook event here
We are rallying in response to the latest outrageous decision by the Turnbull government to cut income support for over 400 refugees who are in Australia for medical treatment from Manus and Nauru. These people have been given six months to prepare themselves to be returned to danger on Manus, Nauru or their country of origin. This is despite the RPC on Manus set to close at the end of October this year, and the majority of those in Australia officially found to have genuine fears for safety if returned to their home country.

Any government genuinely concerned about deaths at sea would not purposely endanger lives on land. Not only is Manus and Nauru not safe places to return refugees, but fifty people on Nauru and a number of people on Manus require medical care that is not available to them on Nauru or PNG. This includes three women with a very limited timeframe in which to have abortions. Medical professionals have spoken out for their very real fears for the physical and psychological health of these women. Australian Border Force have been vetoing medical recommendations for a number of years in a reckless disregard for lives that are owed a duty of care by the Australian government. They should not have the power to overrule medical recommendations for the sake of cheap political point scoring.

Allowing these people to stay in Australia in the same way that the 1414 people from the exact same boats who were never sent to Manus or Nauru and have been allowed to apply for asylum in Australia is the fair and decent thing to do.
The Refugee Action Collective is calling for:
· The end to off shore detention.

· To immediately bring all refugees and asylum seekers to Australia.

· Allow permanent resettlement of refugees.

· The Australian government to reverse their decision regarding making over 400 refugees destitute and homeless through the cancelation of financial support and eviction from accommodation.

· The Victorian government to step into the breach and provide material aid in the form of accommodation, 6 month myki cards etc. in fulfillment of Daniel Andrew’s commitment to let these families and people stay in our communities

Come and join us in solidarity with the ongoing protests on Manus and the silent protests on Nauru.
It’s time we upheld human rights and we call upon both federal and state governments to do likewise. We have the capacity to welcome people. We do it by treating people with dignity, respect and kindness.