5:30pm Fri 4 Aug | Manus is not safe: #BringThemHere now: Urgent action

When: 5:30pm Friday 4 August

Where: State Library of Victoria

Today (Monday 31 July) both power and water were shut off in the Foxtrot compound on Manus Island, in an attempt to force the refugees to leave the centre.

Two days before, three attacks in twelve hours on refugees shows how unsafe the Manus community is for refugees and why refugees are refusing to move from the detention centre to East Lorengau.

On Saturday night two refugees on Manus were brutally attacked in separate incidents. One had his wrist slashed open with a bush knife. The attacks have reinforced the refugees’ fears for their safety and their lives if they are forced out of the detention centre.

The moves to meet the arbitrary October deadline for “closure” is literally putting refugees’ lives at risk. Not only are refugees vulnerable to attack, there is no adequate medical treatment and insufficient food for those forced into East Lorengau.

It is clear the government has no solution for the people they illegally dumped on Manus. There is nowhere safe for them on the island. Join us to demand tha the refugees and asylum seekers are brought to Australia immediately.

There will be an intersection sit in as part of this action, as a response to the escalating pressure and cruety towards refugees on Manus Island.

call Chris 0403 013 183 for more info

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