4 thoughts on “Messages from Manus, Filmed by Behrouz Boochani

  1. Your messages are compelling. We know you have paid a terrible price for our government and Opposition’s belief that Australians wanted you to be kept out, and the boats from Indonesia stopped, more than they cared that you are human beings, with a moral and legal right to come by boat, and seek safety among us.

    We are so sorry for the hardships and the terrors you have endured because of this inhuman policy, and we know that this is a dangerous time for you all.

    My whole family stands with you, and rejects the evils that have been committed against you in the name of securing Australia’s borders. We hope to welcome you to Australia one day. You will be honoured guests – and some of you already are family to us – when we meet, to talk of the future, and the rest of your lives.

    I am sending a link to this, and transcripts of many of your messages, to a high school teacher in Perth, Western Australia, who will be discussing them with her senior students.

    Deepest respect and love to you all.


  2. We will not rest until all those on Manus and Nauru are afforded their human rights. Four years of illegal detention, bring them here!

  3. I am so ashamed and upset. Our Governments are cruel and evil for torturing innocent asylum seekers in these Australian gulags [concentration camps].

  4. This is and has been a disgrace for 4 years. Its inhumane and un Australian. We who arrived and took over from the Aborigine took pride in our multiculturalism. I reject the government stance on refugees on Manus as well as those seeking asylum both now and in the future. These people are our brothers and sisters and what our Government is doing is illegal and my vote will speak sooner or later.
    Let them come to Australia for to release these people into PNG ( for those who know PNG) it is murder without the blood on your hands! Not acceptable!!!

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