Petition: Bring Them Here and Let Them Stay

We worked with RAN on this petition and decided that strategically it would be better to submit it to the parliament when both houses were sitting in June. (The shorter parliamentary sitting in May will be taken up by the Budget – good debt, bad debt, alternative debt…)

So that means that we can continue collecting signatures all through May.

So far we’ve got 2500 signatures – thank you everyone who made this happen.

But we need more to make it BIG! 

If you can, download a page here and collect some signatures from people in your community, group, club, school, church, etc.

Then, by 2 June 2017, mail it to RAN Petition,  PO Box 578 Carlton South, Vic 3053 

If you have any questions, contact us ( and we’ll get back to you with answers.

1 thought on “Petition: Bring Them Here and Let Them Stay

  1. GOOD NEWS ,

    We bring to you all greetings from Rising Africa Hope Charity Home.

    We wish to use this medium and season of God’s love on Man kind to bring to your mind that as we enjoy and celebrate this season, there are many others elsewhere deeply suffering.Our team have decided to travel down to some places to visit the poor and needy. Examples are Northern Nigeria under Boko Harram terrorist attack and the Niger Delta Avengers attack on oil pipeline regions. These ugly situation causing great displacement on citizens of these areas leaving them with homelessness and hunger.

    We have tried to provide shelter and food to some people in these regions, so we humbly ask for your Support to continue these work of charity and love to man kind.’s true we are different countries but One in God.Please show a little kindness.
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    Thanks and God bless you.

    Mrs Elizabeth Charity

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