1pm 17 April | Protest Manus Shooting – Bring Them Here Now

When: 1-3pm 17th April

Where: State Library

state library

Close Manus, Close Nauru – Bring Them Here Now

The shooting incident on Good Friday is a shocking reminder of the dangerous situation that exists on Manus Island for around 1000 refugees and asylum seekers that Australia still holds there. At least 100 shots were fired, including into accommodation areas.

The Age newspaper reports: ‘ “They are attacking again.” This is how Benham Satah, a witness to the murder of Reza Barati three years ago described the eruption of violence at the Manus Island detention centre on Friday night.’

Behrouz Boochani reports: “Three refugees and some Australian officers have been injured seriously. A refugee from Sudan has been injured in his head and another Sudanese man injured in his chest. A Pakistani refugee has been injured in his stomach and is urinating blood. Also some Australian officers have been injured seriously and did not come to work today. All of these injuries were caused by stones thrown by local people and not because of gun shots”.

It is not safe to keep refugees on Manus for many more months or years waiting for the uncertain US refugee deal. Even if the US deal goes ahead, hundreds of people are going to be left behind on Manus and Nauru. Malcolm Turnbull cannot pretend the US deal offers any solution for those people illegally held on Manus Island.

PNG has no ability or intention to resettle any refugees or asylum seekers who have been held for almost four years now. Neither PNG or Australia can guarantee the safety of their lives so long as they are kept as political hostages on Manus.

We demand that all the refugees and asylum seekers Australia sent to Manus and Nauru are taken back to Australia.

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