3pm 22 April | Eye-witnesses Speak Out: Close the Camps & Bring Them Here

When: 3-5pm Saturday 22nd April

Where: ANMF House, 540 Elizabeth St, Melbourne


Aziz from Manus via skype – Sudanese refugee and activist who is still detained on Manus after almost four years
Lynne Elworthy – mental health nurse fired for speaking out after working for 4 years on Manus Island
S. Nagaveeran also known as Ravi – Tamil refugee and activist who spent over 2 years imprisoned on Nauru, author of ‘From Fell to Hell’

More details about the speakers:
Aziz fled the violence of Darfur in Sudan and sought asylum in Australia but was imprisoned on Manus by the Australian government. He has been found to be a refugee, and the detention centre on Manus declared illegal, but Aziz is still trapped on Manus after almost four years. He is an activist on Manus fighting for the rights of all refugees there. He has recorded a video calling on people in Australia to attend the Palm Sunday rallies:
As the guardian reported “He has emerged as a leader of his community in detention, a magistrate of sorts for the internecine conflicts of the compounds and, armed with good English, a conduit to the outside world.”https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2017/jan/24/meet-the-messenger-of-manus-one-man-trapped-in-australias-offshore-processing-regime

Lynne Elworthy is a whistleblower and mental health nurse who spent 4 years on Manus. She started work three days after Reza Barati was murdered and she knew Hamid Khazaei. She lost her job on Manus after speaking to the New York Times which reported “She has, it seems, been fired for her honesty” and she is defying the Border Force Act to speak out.
You can read more about Lynne here:
where she says ‘“It is time to close this chapter. My greatest fear is that these men will end up being far worse off than they even suspect. The U.S. deal sounds like pie in the sky to me.”

S. Nagaveeran, also known as Ravi, fled Sri Lanka due to brutality suffered through the civil war and the ongoing persecution of Tamil people. He arrived in Australia by boat. He was incarcerated in Australia’s immigration detention camp on Nauru for more than 2 years, and then spent a year and a half in detention in Melbourne. Ravi is now living in the community and has published a collection of his poems, entitled ‘From Hell to Hell’. Ravi has travelled across the country to share his experiences, reach out to Australians and show them the reality of what people are facing in Australia’s human dumping grounds. He has co-founded a dinner project called ‘Food for Thought’ and a poetry series called ‘Hidden Voices from Australia’s Human Dumping Grounds’ to help provide platforms for the sharing of stories and experiences, in order to foster greater understanding in the community. His book is available here http://writingthroughfences.org/shop/
Video here http://thequo.com.au/Stories?postId=fdba73eb-8468-46c5-b928-0dca7f8b19ac

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