Join Refugee Action Collective (Vic) for a vigil for Faysal at 6pm Tuesday 3rd January, Princes Bridge, Swanston St Melbourne
We will have candles and flowers, or bring your own.
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Faysal Ahmed was born 20 June 1989 and died 24 December 2016. He was 27 years old and in the care of the Australian Government.

He died at the Royal Brisbane Hospital on Saturday after being airlifted the day before from Manus Island in Papua New Guinea where he had been ill for more than six months.

Mr Ahmed had been detained on Manus Island for over three years and was the fourth refugee to die from injuries sustained there.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) have stated he died from injuries suffered after a fall and seizure at the Manus Regional Processing Centre. We are now waiting for the Queensland Coroner, Terry Ryan, to report on how and why Mr Ahmed died.

Nine days before he died, Faysal Ahmed had filled out a complaint form to the International Health and Medical Services (IHMS). He wanted to know why, after more than 20 visits, they had not diagnosed him and to not delay treating him.

In a letter dated December 21, 60 Sudanese detainees also wrote to the IHMS calling for urgent treatment for Mr Ahmed. The letter described Mr Ahmed’s suffering, and that his condition was getting worse “day by day”. This letter was written the day before the seizure that led to his death.

This is not the first time that a refugee in an offshore detention camp has died due to failure of the DIBP to care for them.

Peter Dutton, as the current minister of the DIBP is responsible for keeping asylum seekers and refugees safe yet he fails to do so. Minister Dutton’s policies are punitive, with the cruel intention of denying hope and not giving people a clear path forward so that they can rebuild their lives.

“This completely preventable death is the latest symbol of the cruelty, inhumanity and heartlessness of these camps,” Senator Di Natale said.

The detention camp at Manus Island was declared illegal by the PNG Supreme Court in April 2016. With a sleight-of-hand, Peter Dutton manipulated the situation to say that while the ruling applied to that specific camp, it did not apply to the new transit camp being built nearby at East Lorengau.

The Australian Government must close the offshore detention/transit camps and bring everyone here for immediate processing and resettlement. If they refuse to, we know more people will suffer, all of which is preventable.