Words from Behrouz Boochani: Kurdish Journalist and human rights defender detainee in Manus prison

The cruel policy of 19 July is constantly victimising people. In one of the dark and difficult days of the Australian history, we lost another friend of ours. Omid is not with us anymore, Omid accompanied by Reza Barati, Hamid Khazaei, Fazel Chegini, and other victims, all are the symbols of the systematic violence and torture of Australian prisons. Seems there is no end for this violence. Omid was a human; and human and humanity are the concepts that are forgotten as a result of the government propaganda.

These days, Australia is a leading country where the human rights are apparently violated. Morality and humanity- human values and their concepts- are replaced by violence, immorality, humiliation and offence. These days, the world and history are observing Australia and are witnessing that how worthless is the life and rights of people in the country that is being governed by a liberal democratic system. After the cruel 19 July- policy, every single day that passes, the number of victims is increased and Australia is still sleeping. The purpose of this policy is nothing more than examining violence, producing violence, advertising violence and finally as a last massage, exporting violence to all around the globe. The liberal government produces a black point on the Australian history, and it won’t be removed at all.

The Australian government has reconstructed the European violence in the 1930s in another form with a modern method during the past three years on the cursed islands of Nauru and Manus; and it is nothing more than a reconstructed fascism. It is apparent that Australia has been the main cause of producing this form of violence on the islands so as to spread its harsh message in to world, to say that Australia is a country with iron punches.

Today is the day that the Australian civil society needs to shout louder and stronger at the dictatorial government of Australia, being unlawfulness is enough, violence is enough, raping women and kids is enough, killing people is enough; today is the day that Australians should rise for the sake of defending human values and defending justice and humanity, showing a strong reaction to death, rape, torture, and offence.

I as one of the narrators of violence in the cursed camps of Australia and as a person who has experienced the systematic and psychological torture of the horrendous prisons, I shout at Australia that enough is enough and stop this violence and dictatorship. Omid, Reza, Hamid, Fazel, all are victimised, stop it! We are too tired to tolerate the death of our friends.

I seek the Australian people to stop being indifferent to the violence occurring in the Nauru and Manus refugee camps and put the government under pressure to officially announce the end to the defeated and cruel offshore processing policy.

– Behrouz Boochani Kurdish Journalist and human rights defender detainee in Manus prison