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The fire that gutted the unit in the Nauru refugee camp, Anuijo, on Monday, May 23, was part of a suicide attempt, according the husband of the woman who was rescued from the burning unit.  (Photos and videos of the first available on request.)

The Iranian woman was given oxygen at the Nauru hospital after being rescued from the unit. He husband and son were not at home when the room was engulfed in flames.

The family, including their 5 year-old son, is now being held, under surveillance in OPC1.

A message from the husband of the 30 year-old Iranian woman says that his wife has suffered depression ‘for a long time,’ and had attempted suicide on other occasions.

She had told medical service providers, IHMS that she intended to kill herself, “But no-one paid any attention,” he said.

Although the message does not say how the fire was set, her husband says, “Today she locked herself inside that room, and tried to commit suicide.” The husband’s account fits with the fact that security guards had to break into the room to rescue the woman.

The suicide attempt is the latest in a series of suicides and serious attempted suicides on Nauru as despair has taken hold of the population of asylum seekers and refugees on Nauru.

Today, Wednesday, 25 May, will make the 67th day of protest at the Nauru’s family compound, RPC 3, and the 28th of protest at the single men’s camp, OPC2.

The Nauruan government’s growing practise of criminalising suicide by arresting and charging already vulnerable people for attempting suicide is only adding to the anguish and disquiet on Nauru.

For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713

Vote for Refugees – Fight for Refugees – RAC election scorecard

Close Manus, Close Nauru – Bring Them Here!

RAC election scorecard-download pdf version

The Refugee Action Collective encourages you to vote for refugees, but more importantly get involved in the refugee rights movement. Whoever wins the election we will have a fight on our hands to Close Manus and Nauru and free the refugees. Help build that fight now: Come to our pre-election World Refugee Day rally Sat June 18. RAC meets every Monday 6.30pm at 540 Elizabeth St Melbourne, come along and get involved!

Policy Greens ALP Coalition
Permanent Visas YES YES NO
Reinstate the Refugee Review Tribunal YES YES NO
Increase Humanitarian Intake YES (increase to 50,000 from 13,750) ? (increase to 27,000 from 13,750, but not until 2025) NO
Let Them Stay

(allow 267 vulnerable asylum seekers in Australia to stay)

End Offshore Processing & Bring Them Here YES NO NO
Stop Boat Turnbacks YES NO NO
End ban on resettlement of UNHCR refugees processed in Indonesia YES ? NO
Repeal the Border Force Act (that has 2 year jail terms for whistle-blowers) YES NO NO
Repeal the Use of Force Bill (that allows unchecked use of force against asylum seekers in any circumstances) YES NO NO
End Mandatory Detention NO (Greens have policy of 30 day detention limit for health, security and identity checks) NO NO
Decriminalise People Smuggling NO NO NO

RAC’s position is that we would like to see YES  in every box above. A number of smaller left wing groups that routinely run in federal elections have positive refugee policies for all the categories listed above.

Contact RAC | |call Chris 0403 013 183