Upcoming Stalls – volunteers welcome!

The Refugee Action Collective runs about two stalls every week, where our aim is to engage with the general public around the issues that asylum seekers and refugees face in Australia and its offshore detention centres.

We sell items such as badges and books, have petitions for people to sign, and generally try to engage people in meaningful conversations about these issues.

Because the mainstream media rarely reports on the truth, our task is to go to people directly and present them with the facts.

New people are always very welcome and appreciated at these stalls, and advice and guidance can be provided if you would like to come along and help.


If you would like to help out at one of these stalls (or run your own in your suburb!) please contact Helen at 0406 728 091


Upcoming stalls for 2018:

Weekly Thursday stalls alternate between the following locations:
Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 3.14.49 PM
Weekly Saturday stalls alternate between the following locations:
 Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 12.21.38 PM
Saturday 10th Feb Stall is cancelled – come to the Sustainable Living Festival instead! See details on upcoming events page