Teachers say #letthemstay action TODAY

Teachers say #letthemstay action TODAY

On Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th February, hundreds of teachers at schools across Australia will participate in school based actions to defend the refugees threatened with deportation to Nauru. They will hold signs and banners saying “Let Them Stay”, “Close The Camps”, and “Education Not Detention”. They will post photos to social media.

“We will not allow the 36 kids currently in schools to be ripped out of their classes and sent back to Nauru”, said Mark Goudkamp, who is from Teachers for Refugees, and will be participating in the action outside Chatswood High School (Sydney).

“Malcolm Turnbull went to Sydney Grammar, Sydney Uni and Oxford. Bill Shorten went to Xavier College, Monash and Melbourne Universities. Yes they have their prestigious education. But they are complete dunces when it comes to basic humanitarianism.”

“Australia excels in destroying refugees’ lives. The refugee kids on Nauru are bullied and neglected in their school, and there are  allegations that they were urinated on and offered sex. Bring them here to study in our schools. Yesterday a refugee woman on Nauru was arrested for bringing fruit to her tent. Allow the adults on Nauru, Manus, and Christmas Island to access our TAFE Colleges and universities.”

Lucy, teacher at St Albans Secondary College in Melbourne’s North West, said: “Just as no one should be sent offshore, those still stuck on Nauru and Manus should be brought to Australia. The politicians fail badly at maths when the billions of dollars spent isolating and abusing refugees on Manus and Nauru isn’t spent on our schools and resettling refugees in the community.”

“They fail at history because my school and the suburb it’s wouldn’t exist if refugees had been excluded after World War II and the Vietnam war.”

For further comment, contact: Lucy 0404728104, Sydney: Mark Goudkamp 0422078376

See photos come in at https://www.facebook.com/t4refugees/?fref=nf

For group footage/live interviews: Wed 10 Feb
*Chatswood HS (IEC): 1.30pm, Centennial Ave, Chatswood. (Mark Goudkamp 0422078376)
*Beverly Hills Intensive English Centre, 2:25PM contact Matt Meagher, 0404136554
*Glebe Public School, Glebe Point Rd, contact Matte Rochford 0404654757

2 thoughts on “Teachers say #letthemstay action TODAY

  1. Absolutely Lucy. I’ve taught refugees beginning with S.E.Asians and teaching many other ethnicities since for nearly thirty years. These kids and their families have made such a contribution and now we shit in the face (sorry to be so blunt, but that’s it) of all that they have helped us achieve. Thanks to those Vietnamese and Cambodians and Kurds and Hazara and Ba’hai Iranians and East Timorese and Tamils and Somalis and Liberians and Sudanese and Chin and Karen and so on and so forth. All beautiful people and all worthy of basic respect. And not to forget the indigeneous people of Australia, for their more tolerant attitudes (origginally: until the British behaved as they are wont to do) toward people smugglers and boat people.

  2. I thank my colleagues for their humanityas part of our mutual humanity and i applaud these acttions..

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