A Message from Nauru: Video Petition

The following petition was created by Free the Children Nauru. 

The Video Petition

The teenagers and children doomed on the prison island of Nauru indefinitely, have made a video to ask the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to free them. In their video, they make a disturbing plea to the Australian children, teenagers and public for help. Please take the time to watch their video and bear witness to the horrors they have endured for years on Nauru. To go to the video click on this link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VxA8Oi3fe0&feature=youtu.be

The children’s plea to the Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull 

We the children on Nauru, ask the Prime Minister to please:

  1. Resettle all children, and those found to be genuine refugees in Australia. Allow them to have a home, education and gain employment so they can contribute to Australia’s community and economy.
  2. Process all asylum seekers currently detained offshore, in Australia.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child

The abuse of the Rights of the Child in detention are too numerous to mention here. The children will provide you with information about this on their freethechildrennauru facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Free-the-Children-NAURU-839867502797443/?ref=hl

5 thoughts on “A Message from Nauru: Video Petition

  1. I am appalled and worry that the average Aussie can watch and understand what is happening to these innocent refugees and yet do nothing.
    Defending our shores! For goodness sake !These refugees are not exactly an army. They are defenceless desperate people needing our help. There us no defence needed .Just compassion and rapid assessment of their legitimacy and health. It’s quite simple – just get on with it .
    Of course we are limited in how many people we can take but if we don’t populate the Northern Territories I know who will .There is a lot more room for a lot more than 5,000.
    How long and at what cost are we going to spend on prisons on Manus and Narau .It sounds unsustainable .Why not spend the 2+ billion on a few hospitals and place the refugees in our society.

    1. Absolutely, Ruth. The “mind of a thief”: this is a stolen nation, is always suspicious of those who may wish to steal it’s haul. I’m a secondary teacher and for most of my working life have taught newly arrived migrants, mostly refugees. I’ve always been happy to pay my share of tax for schools and hospitals. But I will avoid paying tax as far as I possibly can from now on. I may reconsider after the election.
      Refugees are not detained in my name.

  2. We are both disappointed, but believe that the community is with you and will keep fighting for your freedom.

  3. Absolutely Lucy. I’ve taught refugees beginning with S.E.Asians and teaching many other ethnicities since for nearly thirty years. These kids and their families have made such a contribution and now we shit in the face (sorry to be so blunt, but that’s it) of all that they have helped us achieve. Thanks to those Vietnamese and Cambodians and Kurds and Hazara and Ba’hai Iranians and East Timorese and Tamils and Somalis and Liberians and Sudanese and Chin and Karen and so on and so forth. All beautiful people and all worthy of basic respect. And not to forget the indigeneous people of Australia, for their more tolerant attitude (originally, until the British behaved as they are wont to do) toward people smugglers and boat people (namely smuggler Phillip and his “boat people’.)

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