5:30pm Feb 4 | Let Them Stay! – Don’t Return Refugees & Asylum Seekers to Abuse on Nauru

Snap Protest:
Let Them Stay! – Don’t Return Refugees & Asylum Seekers to Abuse on Nauru

When: 5:30pm Thursday 4th February

Where: State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston St, Melbourne
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We have it confirmed the High Court decision regarding offshore detention on Nauru will be this Wed, SO OUR PROTEST WILL BE THURSDAY. Which ever way the decision goes, the injunction preventing the return of asylum seekers to Nauru will be lifted (though lawyers will get 72 hrs notice of removals).

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton intends to send 267 people back to Nauru, including women who have been sexually assaulted, over 80 children and 41 babies, 32 of which have been born in Australia. All are terrified of being sent back to Nauru where they have faced sexual, mental and physical harm.

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Whilst the detention centre on Nauru has been made “open” to avoid some elements of the High Court case, asylum seekers and refugees on Nauru are not free or safe. The small island which can be driven around in twenty minutes effectively remains a prison. Children are abused in schools, women are assaulted and raped and men are bashed. No-one has been charged for any of these well documented crimes. Refugees have no citizen rights, nor access to adequate health services, education, or employment opportunities.

RAC has called a snap rally for 5.30pm State Library this Thursday (corner Swanston and La Trobe Sts City) to demand no return of asylum seekers to Nauru.

There will also be separate actions directly aimed at stopping removals to Nauru if we get word that asylum seekers are about to be removed from Melbourne to Nauru. You can sign up on the RAC website to recieve email or text message updates:

for more info call Chris 0403 013 183

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/907459779369725/