February 4th, 5:30pm State Library Let Them Stay! – Don’t Return Refugees and Asylum Seekers to Abuse on Nauru –       Pamela Curr (ASRC)

–       Alex Bhathal (Greens)

–       Mohammad Baqiri (refugee activist who was detained on Nauru as a child)

–       Colin Long (National Tertiary Education Union)

February 15th, 6:30-8pm Australian Nursing Federation RAC meeting including a discussion of campaign to ‘let them stay’  
February 19th, 6pm Bourke Street Mall Speak out in solidarity with Lady Cilento hospital workers. Let baby Asha stay.  
February 23rd, 6pm Melbourne’s Multicultural Hub What I saw as a teacher on Nauru – former worker and principal speak out –       Paul Dingle (principal from Glenroy Secondary College)

–       Former teacher from RPC1 school on Nauru

February 26th, 6:30-9pm 120-150 Camp Road, Broadmeadows (MITA) Vigil at MITA detention centre: close the camps and let them stay –       Reza Yaramahadi (Kurdish refugee)

–       Alex Bhathal (Greens)

–       Sister Brigid Arthur (Brigidine Asylum Seeker Project)

February 27th, 6pm Corner Swanston and Lonsdale St, Melbourne Speak out against Turnbull: Let Them Stay  
March 6th, 12pm Flinders Street Station Solidarity from Melbourne to Calais: Welcome Refugees  
March 21st, 7pm 540 Elizabeth Street Fighting for LGBTI refugee rights: the case of Nima and Ashkan –       Amy Frew (Human Rights Legal Centre)
April 4th, 6:30 Melbourne’s Multicultural Hub What will it take to let them stay? –       Adam Bandt (Greens)

–       Reza Yarahmadi (refugee activist, 3CR presenter and Iranian Kurdish Refugee)

–       Katie Robertson (lawyer)

–       Wil Stracke (Victorian Trades Hall Industrial/Campaigns Officer)

–       Lachlan Marshall (RAC member)

April 8th, 5:30pm Peninsula, Shed 14 Central Pier, 161 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands Protest Turnbull – Close Manus, Close Nauru  
April 30th, 1pm State Library of Victoria Rally to #BringThemHere – Manus is Illegal! –       Adam Bandt (Greens)

–       Aran Mylvaganam (Tamil refugee and financial sector union organiser)

–       Pamela Curr (ASRC)

May 5th, 4:30 DIBP (Casseldon Place) corner of Spring and Lonsdale Streets Speak out and vigil for Hodan #BringThemHere –       Pamela Curr (ASRC)

–       Somali Community Speakers

–       Margaret Sinclair (RAC)

–       Alex Bhathal (Greens)

May 26th, 7-9pm Sun Theatre CHASING ASYLUM premiere – fundraiser for the Refugee Action Collective  
June 6th, 6:30pm ANMF house, 540 Elizabeth Street Intro to RAC night  
June 17th – 19th The Stables, cnr Wreckyn and Courtney Street, North Melbourne Through Jungle Eyes: Refugee photography and volunteer artwork from Calais  
June 18th, 1pm State Library Rally: Close Manus, Close Nauru, Bring Them Here! – No votes in abuse –       Sarah Hanson Young (Greens)

–       Mohammad Baqiri (refugee activist, Afghan refugee, speaker from Victorian Trades Hall Council)

–       Dr Louise Newman (Professor of Psychiatry)

–       Dr Barri Phataford (Doctors for Refugees)

–       Angelica Panopoulos (RAC)

June 27th, 5-6pm Bourke Street Mall Solidarity with 100 days protest on Nauru – speak out and RAC information stall  
July 18th, 6:30pm Melbourne’s Multicultural Hub After the election, what are the alternatives to offshore processing? –       Pamela Curr (ASRC)

–       Phone link up from Nauru

–       Margaret Sinclair (RAC)

August 27th,       1-3pm State Library of Victoria Rally: Close the Camps, Bring the Refugees Here –       Adam Bandt (Greens)

–       Pamela Curr (ASRC)

–       Jane Willey (ex-teacher on Nauru and author of some of the leaked Nauru files)

–       Mohammad Salamat (Ahwazi refugee who spent time detained on Nauru in 2012)

–       Aran Mylvaganam (Tamil refugee and union organiser)

September 5th, 6:30-8:30pm ANMF House, 540 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne Manus and Nauru: The Law and the Crime of Offshore Processing –       Tracy Aylmer (lawyer who filed a case with the ICC against the refugee policies of the Australian Government)

–       Katie Robertson (lawyer who led a case that successfully prevented the transfer to Nauru of 25 babies born to asylum seekers in Australia)

–       Lachlan Marshall (RAC)

September 10th, 3:30-5pm ANMF House, 540 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne Close Nauru, Free Mojgan: Teachers speak out –       Jane Willey (former Save the Children teacher on Nauru)

–       Jessica Walker (teacher at Yeronga State High School in Brisbane who leads the campaign to free Iranian refugee student Mojgan)

–       Justin Mullaly (Secretary of the Australian Education Union Victoria Branch)

October 3rd, 6:30-8:30pm Multicultual Hub Discussion and debate on strategy for the refugee movement –       Robert Manne (Emeritus Prrofessor of Politics, La Trobe University)

–       Chris Breen (RAC)

November 5th,   1-4pm State Library It’s Time: Close the camps, bring the refugees here! –       Richard Di Natale – leader of the Australian Greens

–       Dr Umber Rind – Doctors for Refugees

–       Miream Salameh – Syrian refugee and artist

–       Nigethan Sithirasegaram – Tamil refugee, one of the ‘ASIO’ refugees detained for over 6 years on spurious security grounds, whilst never being told the grounds, or having any avenue to appeal them.

–       Speaker from Welcome to Eltham

November 7th, 6:30-8pm ANMF House Let the refugees in: eyewitness accounts from Nauru –       Harry Hicks (worked in construction on Nauru)

–       Yoong Wai (volunteered at refugee camps in Malaysia)

December 10th, 1-6 Reverence Hotel, 28 Napier Street, Footscray Rock 4 Refugees! Human Rights Day Fundraising Gig Performers:

–       The Fabric DJs

–       The Same Boat

–       A Rioting Mind

–       Littlefoot

–       The Accountants

–       Damian Callinan

–       Nelly Thomas

–       Josh Earl

–       Soreti Kadir

–       Benjamin Solah

–       Rikki Livermore