2pm 28 Nov | Book Launch – Uncovering Forgotten Cities

When: 2pm Saturday 28 November

Where: Melbourne’s Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizabeth St Melbourne

multicultural hub

Join the Refugee Action Collective for the launch of Adbon Danton’s new book – Uncovering Forgotten Cities

Abdon Danton – author
Speaker from the Refugee Action Collective

Abdon Danton’s new book helps explain why refugees flee, and why refugee camps provide no permanent security. Danton writes that half of all refugees worldwide are children under 18 years old and that there are refugee camps the size of cities like Zurich. Some refugee camps are more than 20 years old. They are increasingly desperate places. People have fled refugee camps in Jordan back to Syria because of hunger. In Indonesia refugees have tried to bribe their way into detention centres, rather than face starvation on the streets as they run out of money.

Australia tries to play off a small handful hand-picked from camps, with those who come by boat, but they are all fleeing the same misery and persection. Come to a forum that will discuss why refugees have the right to seek sanctuary by any means, why boat turnbacks and offshore processing only increase suffering, and what a genuinely humanitarian response would look like.

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