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1pm Sat Oct 24 | Action Alert: Bring back Abyan, Justice for Khodayar Amini

The Refugee Action Collective has organised a speak-out protest in the Bourke St Mall Melbourne tomorrow Saturday Oct 24 from1.00pm demanding ‘Abyan’ be brought back to Australia. She remains in urgent need of an abortion and mental health care.

Speakers include:

  • Mohammad Baqiri – refugee activist and Afghan refugee
  • Halima Mohammad – representative from Somali community-Australia
  • Farah Warsame representative from Somali community-Australia

‘Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull has said “It is my dream that Australia will, in the future, be known for respecting women”.  If he means it, the respect must start with Abyan. But so far she has been treated with brutal contempt. Incredulously Immigration Minister Peter Dutton accused refugees like Abyan in need of medical treatment as being part of a ‘racket’. Dutton callously arranged for Abyan to be forced to Nauru without an abortion because he was desperate to avoid court action that might have kept her here. The Minister has wilfully ignored medical advice that Abyan not be returned to the place of her rape’. said Chris Breen for the Refugee Action Collective

The Refugee Action Collective comes as Amnesty International has issued an urgent action alert


‘We welcome Amnesty’s action increasing the pressure to bring Abyan back, and drawing attention to the human rights abuses of the Australian government ‘ continued Breen.

‘The Refugee Action Collective will also be demanding justice for Khodayar Amini, a Hazara asylum who seeker set himself on fire and later died from his injuries. Khodayar was terrified of being sent back to detention or to Afghanistan, where most of his family had been killed by the Taliban. His death was avoidable, and is also on Minister Dutton’s hands. We will be demanding Justice for Khodayar that would mean permanent protection for all refugees and end to deportations to danger’ concluded Breen.

  • Bring back Abyan, Justice for Khodayar Amini
  • All pregnant refugees on Nauru to Australia now
  • Close Nauru, close Manus, end mandatory detention

1.00pm Saturday Oct 24 Bourke St Mall

For further comment call Chris Breen for the refugee Action Collective on 0403 013 183

A Civil Society complaint is to be filed by Refugee Action Collective Victoria at the International Criminal Court.

Media Release

19 October 2015

A Civil Society complaint is to be filed by Refugee Action Collective Victoria at the International Criminal Court.

RAC-Vic’s submission asks the ICC to investigate and prosecute a case against persons who have and continue to act as members of the Australian Government against asylum seekers. Reflecting the revulsion and dismay of many Australians, it is alleged that these actions are in breach United Nations conventions and amount to crimes against Humanity.

The following persons are named in the Submission:

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Former Minister of Immigration Scott Morrison

Minister of Immigration Peter Dutton

Attorney General  George Brandis

53 Civil Society groups and organizations, representing informed opinion, the professional knowledge of health professionals and others have endorsed this submission.

RAC-Vic, the Court permitting will seek further endorsements and evidence of similar criminal activity by anyone representing the Australian government to be added to the submission at a later date.

Prior submissions to the Court filed by Mr Andrew Wilkie MP and Ms Tracey Aylmer Solicitor and statements by Mr Julian Burnside QC are acknowledged by RAC-Vic while stressing that we are not lawyers but are acting as citizens and members of Civil Society.


For further information contact Peter Farago

0409 866 414



> Refugee Action Coalition

> Amnesty International, London, has issued an urgent action alert,
> “Urging the Australian authorities to ensure Abyan’s health and safety
> by immediately transferring her to Australia”
> The link to the Amnetsy International call can be found here:
> Amnesty has previously condemned Australia’s offshore processing
> regime on Nauru and Manus Island, but it is understood this is the
> first time that the international human rights organisation has issued
> an alert for a refugee or asylum seeker in Australian custody on the
> islands.
> “We welcome Amnesty’s action alert,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson
> for the Refugee Action Coalition, “It will ensure there is further
> international attention brought to bear on Abyan’s plight, and on the
> Australian government.
> “The government needs to act immediately. Having left Abyan waiting
> for weeks for a termination she requested in September, the situation
> for her grows more urgent every day.”
> Further protests in support of Abyan are planned for today, Friday
> October 23 in Sydney and Canberra, and in Melbourne on Saturday, 24
> October.
> Canberra: lunchtime protests at MP’s offices between 1pm and 2pm
> (
> )
> Sydney: Rally, Friday 23 October, Town Hall Square, 5pm. Speakers
> include: Doctors for Refugees, The Greens, f collective, and Hazara
> refugee.
> For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713