Fri Oct 30 | Mass leafleting: Bring back Abyan!

Mass leafleting: Bring back Abyan!

When: 4:30-6pm Friday 30 October

Where: Flinders St Station, Melbourne

This event is still on, we will be handing out flyers for our forum, and have a new flyer welcoming the return of Abyan, calling on Dutton to resign for misleading both Parliament and the public, and saying that Nauru is not safe and all refugees should be brought to Australia – especially the vulnerable like the 6 pregnant women, and also Nazanin’s family to help with her recovery (Nazanin is also a victim of rape on Nauru)


Abyan has sent a message to refugee supporters “Please say thank you to all the people who are protesting for me. I
am thanking all of you very much – but please, I need help.”

Join the Refugee Action Collective this Friday for a mass leafleting at Flinder St Station, we will be handing out flyers to the public explaining Abyan’s situation, and calling for her to be brought back for her requested termination, and mental health treatment.

Abyan is a 23 year old Somali refugee who was allegedly raped on Nauru, and is now pregnant. Nauruan law does not permit abortions. Campaigning succeeding in bringing her to Australia after her requests had been ignored by the Australian government. However Australian immigration officials seized Abyan from Villawood on last Friday morning and dumped her back in Nauru in an extraordinarily desperate effort to avoid court action that might have prevented her from being removed to Nauru. Immigration Minister Peter Dutton went so far as to accuse Abyan as being part of a ‘racket’.

Abyan has not been medically treated since she was allegedly raped on Nauru Despite being told that she would see in-house counsellors she did not get access to any counsellors for her planned termination and in interviews with nurses she did not have access to interpreters or her lawyer.

The department has wilfully ignored the medical advice that Abyan not be returned to the place of her rape.

When she was in Sydney she told advocates, “”I cannot go back to where this happened to me; I cannot go to where I was raped. What happened to me there (on Nauru) is what caused me to run away from Somalia. What happened to me in Somalia is what happened to me there (ie in Nauru).”

Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull has said “It is my dream that Australia will, in the future, be known for respecting women”. If that is to mean anything, the respect must start with Abyan.