> Refugee Action Coalition
> The aggressive attempts by the Nauruan police to interview Abyan
> reveal their complete lack of concern for the privacy and welfare of a
> sexual assault victim.
> The actions of the Australian government and the Nauruan police have
> left Abyan exposed to retribution and vulnerable to further harassment
> and abuse.
> The police and media visit to Abyan’s accommodation on Nauru left her
> in such a distressed situation that she asked if she could be taken
> into the detention compounds to gain some protection and security.
> Such police harassment of a victim of sexual assault would not be
> tolerated in Australia. “Abyan’s safety on Nauru has been further
> compromised by the actions of the Nauruan police,” said Ian Rintoul,
> spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.
> Nor should the foot-in-the-door ‘journalism’ that has was inflicted on
> Abyan and her friend on Nauru, be tolerated. “It is impossible to
> describe the distress, and even terror, inflicted on Abyan and her
> friend when they were photographed on Nauru.
> “This new round of distress has only been possible because, against
> all expert professional advice, the Australian government returned
> Abyan to the place of her sexual assault; something that can only add
> to the anguish that surrounds her situation,” said Rintoul. (See
> attached statement by Professor Louise Newman
> Professor of Women’s Mental Health, University of Melbourne.)
> “It is clear from everything that Abyan has said, and now from media
> reports from Nauru, that she has never declined having a termination.
> She continues to be a victim of the Australian government’s political
> agenda.
> “It is imperative that the Australian government acts urgently to
> provide the medical care that she needs. Her mental and physical
> well-being remains at risk as long as she remains on Nauru.
> “She should be brought to Australia, this time, with the sympathy,
> care and consideration that she was previously denied.”
> The Refugee Action Coalition has called a further protest Friday, 23
> October, 5pm, Sydney Town Hall.
> For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713