Rally to Stand Up for Refugees: 2pm Sunday Oct 11

This Sunday thousands will Rally to Stand Up For Refugees, 2pm Sunday Oct 11, at the State Library, 328 Swatnston St, Melbourne. This is part of a national day of action, details of rallies around the country are listed below.

  • No to the Border Force Act
  • Close Manus and Nauru
  • No Boat Turnbacks
  • End Mandatory Detention

We Wont Be Silenced

‘After two years of Operation Sovereign Borders, all the horrors of Manus and Nauru remain, with no permanent resettlement in sight for refugees. Despite the Nauru government’s stated intent to open up the detention camp, Nauru remains a prison island for refugees. It takes only 20 minutes to drive around the island. Refugees in the Nauruan community live in fear of continuing brutal rapes and attacks. The level of fear is such that earlier this year two young women took an overdose of pills to avoid being sent out of detention into the community. The open camp announcement was designed to try and avoid aspects of the M68 High Court case in Australia challenging the legality of offshore imprisonment. Australian government lawyers claims in the High Court that Australia does not control the camp on Nauru are a farce. The Turnbull government’s professed ‘concern’ for refugees on Manus and Nauru must lead to closing these hell-holes and bringing refugees to Australia, if is to mean anything’ said Chris Breen for the Refugee Action Collective


‘Maintaining the offshore prisons is maintaining the brutality and continuing Abbott’s deafness to refugee cries. Somali refugee ‘Abyan’ is pregnant after alleged rape on Nauru and has desperately asked to have an abortion in Australia. She also needs urgent medical & psychological treatment having lost 10kg in the past month. Where is Turnbull’s ‘concern’ for Abyan?’ asked Breen


Instead of bringing her to Australia for urgent medical attention, the Turnbull government has sent police to Nauru to look for whistle-blowers, who can face two years jail’


‘A contingent health, community and education workers for refugees (members of ANMF, AASW, AEU and VIEU) will lead the rally as a symbol of defiance against the Border Force Act. The rally will be letting the Turnbull government know that opposition to cruel and abusive refugee policies will not be silenced.’ concluded Breen


Speakers include:

Senator Sarah Hanson Young – Australian Greens
Christine Craik – National Vice President of The Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW)
Colin Long – State Secretary NTEU
Mohammed Baqiri – refugee activist & Afghan refugee
Reza Yarahmahdi – refugee activist & Iranian Kurdish refugee
Rohulla Hussaini – refugee activist & Afghan refugee
Lucy Honan – Refugee Action Collective

Rally Chair – Amanda Zivcic – Refugee Action Collective


For further comment call Chris Breen for RAC on 0403 013 183



Details of other rallies can be found on Facebook: