From Europe to Australia: Welcome Refugees Now! International Day of Action, Saturday September 12

State Library of Victoria, Saturday September 12 at 12.30pm.

• Australia help rescue Syrian refugees
• Increase the refugee intake to save lives
• Don’t turn refugees back to sea
• Syrian refugees off Manus and Nauru – close Manus and Nauru
• End the ban on taking refugees stuck in limbo in Indonesia

**Note change of venue from Bourke St Mall to State Library to accomodate larger numbers

speakers include
Adam Bandt – Greens MP
Pamela Curr – Asyum Seeker Resource Centre
Mohammad Baqiri – Afghan Refugee
live cross to Manus Island
Chris Breen – Refugee Action Collective

September 12 will see a European Wide Day of Action to Welcome Refugees. We are joining it to demand an end to the global race to the bottom on refugee policy.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said in response to the picture of the drowned Syrian child “if you want to stop the drownings you have got to stop the boats.” but Australia’s policy of turning refugees back to sea is a go die somewhere else policy that is pushing Syrian and Afghans to risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean.

The Abbott government currently has a handful of Syrian refugees in permanent limbo on Manus and Nauru, and has even tried to force them back to the war zone. Only two weeks ago a Syrian man was ‘persuaded’ to return to Syria from Manus. This is the cruel truth about the ‘stop the boats’ policy.

Even the coalition government’s Barnaby Joyce has suggested that Australia should take more Syrian refugees. The first step in that regard must be to shut Manus and Nauru and bring all refugees, including Syrian refugees, here. Abbott must also end the ban on accepting refugees stuck in limbo in Indonesia.

We support the European call:
‘It’s time speak out against the deadly borders that have been enacted in our name. People all over Europe are organizing resistance and solidarity in their towns and cities. On the 12th of September we want to show with thousands of people all over Europe our solidarity with those fleeing war, violence and destitution.

We want to let all the refugees know: You are welcome!

Join us by organizing an event in your own town or city’

Call Lucy 040 482 8104 or Amanda 0423 013 245 for more info

RAC will also have a big stall on Tuesday Sept 8 afternoon in the Bourke St Mall from 5:00 to 6:00 pm to help promote this event and the Stand Up For Refugees October 11 rally.