Asylum seekers at Yongah Hill start protest

Refugee Action Coalition


Angry at the overnight death of a young Afghan man, Yongah Hill asylum
seekers have begun a protest in the yard of the detention centre.

“We want the media to come. We are treated like animals,” said one
asylum seeker.

The asylum seekers are angry at the treatment of the Afghan man, who
reportedly sought medical treatment for two days before his death, but
was given only panadol.

They are aslo suspicious as no-one was allowed to see the body, either
in his room, or when the body was removed from the detention centre.
Afgahn representatives were summoned to farewell the bod, according to
custom, but the body remained covered.

“There must be an immediate investigation,” said Ian Rintoul,
spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition, “The lack of medical
staff available in Yongah Hill amount to medical neglect. We can’t
wait for the inquest to find out why he was not given medical
treatment or whether indifference from the Serco guards played a role
in his death.”

“The asylum seekers should be released. The dead man was detained for
three years. Other in Yongah have been held even longer. There is no
excuse for keeping asylum seekers in detention. It is killing them
mentally and physically.”

For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713