Serco Guards Bashed By Criminal Deportees at Yongah Hill


Refugee Action Coalition


There has been a major clash between Serco guards and so-called
criminal deportees (501s) in Hope Compound.

At least two bloodied guards were taken out of the compound as a
result of the clash at around 12.30pm, Western Australia time.

The four compounds at the Yongah Hill detention centre have been locked down.
Today’s clash is just the latest with the 501s at Yongah Hill over the
last few months. The problems have been made worse by the fact that
immigration department no longer separates 501s from asylum seekers.

The result is that there have also been clashes between 501s and
asylum seekers. Asylum seekers have routinely been assaulted; one
Chinese asylum seeker was bashed by 501s as recently as two days ago.

One Yongah Hill asylum seeker told the Refugee Action Coalition, “We
are not safe here and we are frightened to stay here. There is no use
making a complaint to Serco – they are unable to protect us.”

“There are only around 80 asylum seekers being housed at Yongah Hill,”
said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition,
“There is no reason that asylum seekers cannot be housed safely.
Indeed there is no reason for them to be there at all. Many are
long-term detainees, one of them for over six years.

“The department lost control of Yongah Hill months ago. Moving 501s
and detainees to Christmas Island has solved nothing.
For more information contact Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713