Close Manus Petition to be Tabled in the Senate

Refugee Action Coalition


Caz Coleman, one of the most prominent advisers to the Coalition and
successive Labour governments has described the Manus island and Nauru
detention centres as beyond rescue and has called for all asylum
seekers on Manus Island and Nauru to be bought to the mainland for
claim processing. (The Guardian 9 June, 2015)

A petition will be tabled in the Senate on Tuesday 16 June, 2015
signed by more than 65,000 people calling for the detention centres to
be closed immediately.

Bashings continue on Manus Island and sexual abuse of refugees
continues unabated and unpunished as revealed by the Senate Inquiry
into Nauru. No one has faced justice for the deaths of Reza Beratti
and Hamid Kehazaei

The Nauru and Manus Island Detention Centres are a major policy
failure and are a key part of a set of policies which have destroyed
Australia’s reputation, The UN Committee Against Torture told the
Australian government in November 2014 that conditions for asylum
seekers on Manus Island and Nauru amount to “cruel, inhuman, and
unlawful” punishment.

As Greg Lake previously the Director of Immigration Detention Centres
observed “many people flee countries which are so dangerous that death
is a very real and present fear and the only way to create a
meaningful deterrent is to actively remove all hope.” A crucial
element of the overall policy is to ensure that some children are
always held in detention as a deterrent. This is the real reason that
babies born in Australia are being returned to Nauru.

As shown time and time again the conditions inside Manus Island and
Nauru Detention Centres are cruel, unsanitary and unacceptable. Their
existence is inconsistent with the Prime Minister’s claim that
Australia is a “humane and decent country” (SMH 12/6/15).

The latest direction’s hearing in the constutional challenge to the
Manus Island detention centre is scheduled in the Supreme Court of PNG
is also scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday 16 June. The direction’s
hearing is expected to finalise details before the five judges of the
Supreme Court is empanelled and a trial date set for the full hearing.

Nauru and Manus Island Detention Centres must be closed now!

A rally to protest current asylum seeker policies will be held at
12.30 pm , on Tuesday 16 June , 2015, Commonwealth Government Offices,
1 Bligh St, Sydney.

Speakers include: Nicole Judge, ex Manus worker who gave evidence to
Senate inquiry into death of Reza Barati and recent inquiry into child
detention abuse on Nauru

Inquiries: for more information Ian Rintoul 0417 275 713