What happens to people deported to danger? Forum with Phil Glendenning: Wed May 13th at 6pm

Phil Glendenning info night


In light of escalated deportation efforts by the Abbott government, Phil Glendenning (who is in Melbourne for one night only) discusses the conditions which face refugees returned to danger. Glendenning is President of the Refugee Council of Australia, and led the Edmund Rice Centre’s research team for the Deported To Danger series of reports. This series monitored the safety of rejected asylum seekers in 22 countries, and resulted in an internationally screened documentary, A Well Founded Fear. The Abbott government has recently returned asylum seekers to persecution in Vietnam without assessing their asylum claims, forced a Hazara man back to torture in Afghanistan, attempted to secure cooperation with Iran for forced returns, and has changed Australian law so that authorities can ignore the risk of death, torture or imprisonment faced by asylum seekers who have been forcibly deported. Join Phil as he exposes the effects of current government policies, and participate in discussions on how we can build upon growing demands for change. For more info call Peter (0409 866 414) or Georgie (0422 591 825).