Morrison plumbs new depths with coin flip decision on asylum seeker lives

Media Release: Morrison plumbs new depths with coin flip decision on asylum seeker lives

A new bill introduced by Scott Morrison to parliament today says asylum seekers must prove ‘there would be a greater than 50 per cent chance that a person would suffer significant harm in the receiving country’ to avoid deportation to danger.

‘Deep cracks are appearing in the Coalition’s asylum seeker policy, from Manus Island to Cambodia – yet their attempted way out is to dig themselves deeper into a brutal hole of no return,’ said Chris Breen for the Refugee Action Collective.

‘Morrison’s bill today strips away the fig leaf of the ‘deaths at sea’ excuse for the brutal treatment of asylum seekers. Ex-ambassador to Indonesia Tony Kevin has shown that asylum seekers’ risk of death at sea is between 2.5  and 3%. Yet now Scott Morrison is prepared to condemn asylum seekers to death on the flip of a coin’ said Breen

‘Asylum seekers will also be refused protection if they can’t establish their identity, nationality or citizenship. But Morrison knows that stateless asylum seekers like the Rohingyans or Faili Kurds often do not have required documents because their citizenship is not recognised in their home countries. Other asylum seekers quite reasonably destroy their documents to avoid the persecution from which they flee,’ said Breen.

‘128 days after the brutal murder of Reza Barati no-one has been charged. Scott Morrison bears ultimate responsibility for that death; if this new policy becomes law it paves the way for further blood on his hands. The Refugee Action Collective will be holding a public forum this coming Monday June 30, where Scott Morrison, Tony Abbott and the policy of offshore detention will be put on public trial. Ex- Salvo worker Nicole Judge, who has spoken out to the Senate Inquiry into Manus violence, will be speaking,’ said Breen.For further comment

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