Who Killed Reza Barati? Offshore Processing On Trial

Public Forum:
Who Killed Reza Barati? Offshore Processing On Trial

Nicole Judge – Ex Manus Island Worker
Daniel Webb – Human Rights Law Centre
Ian Rintoul – Refugee Action Coalition (NSW)

The question of who killed Reza Barati is not a narrow question about who struck the final blow. Scott Morrison as Minister is responsible for asylum seekers’ saftey. If asylum seekers had not been imprisoned on Manus Island they would not have been harmed. If Kevin Rudd had not set up the PNG deal and sent Reza Barati to Manus Island, then Barati would still be alive. If his claim for refugee status had been processed in a timely manner he would still be alive.

G4S has admitted that it’s ‘likely’ its staff were involved, and that they have not been disciplined. But responsibility goes higher still. It has also come to light that The Department of Immigration directly ordered the PNG mobile squad dog unit to enter the compound as a “show of force”, over-ruling local G4S managers on the night of the attacks. The Guardian describes this as ‘a key moment in the descent into violence.’ The PNG mobile squad faces many previous credible allegations of rape and murder in PNG. Seven days before the attacks the deputy detention centre manager, John McCaffery, warned in an email that use of the mobile squad ‘could result in VSI [very serious injury] or death of protesters’. The attacks on asylum seekers are blood on the governments hands.

Come to a meeting where Scott Morrison, Tony Abbott and the policy of offshore detention will be put on public trial.

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