Letters from Manus and Nauru

Letters from Nauru and Manus (minor details have been edited to protect identities)

Letter from Manus

Hello I am the asylum seeker who was shot on 17th of february in Mike compound. please help me and let the media know about my suffering. guys have taken photos from my wound(buttocks and bullet is still there). I have too much pain and the only medication available at the medical is pain killer and the medical staff tell me that they can’t do anything for me. I’m dying from this pain but they do not do anything for me. I fill out medical request everyday but nothing happens. I do not know how to use computer and that’s why I asked friends to help me write this letter.please help me. hoping to seeing freedom  20.04.2014

Letter from 13 year old boy on Nauru

I am a thirteen years old boy that came to AUS with my parents and my eight years old brother for better and brighter future . we took the risk of this dangrius way because we had no other option. I heard Australian politicians say Iranian people come to Aus because of their economic problems. But we weren’t poor in our country. We weren’t hungry, homeless, jobless and illiteral. We immigrate because we had no freedom, no free speech and we had dictatoric. I don’t know who is reading my letter but i know perhaps, you can help us.We are staying in detention from nine months ago . We had no idea about law of 19th of july, we survived of that bloody ocean because of God willing but can’t live free because of politics. We are passing very difficult moments here. Here, people do food strike, lips and eyes sewing, surcide and many other terrible events. I hate our situation. Now, it’s about 1 year me and my brother haven’t gone to a real school and we are so sad, because both of us were first class students. We are not useless people. There are many qualified and educated people in here and i want to become a pilot when i grow up. I can hear my mother cries everynight in bed calmly but we can hear her, because our room is 6 cube meters and forth of us should sleep very close to each other. My father’s hairs are getting grey and he smoks or sleeps all the time. I never see him like this broken and depressed before. He was a truck driver and i was always proud of him but now? My little brother and other children play with soil, sands and lime stones from morning till night. We have no entertainment in detention in christmass island. I wish we could have our house and my father had a truck and my mother could cook delicious foods for us. We could go to school and some times go to park, cinema, restaurant, swimming pool and shopping. I miss all of these things and i miss to ride a bicycle . Please help us to be free. Thank you

Letter from Nauru 1

After two weeks staying in detention in christmas island they transfer us to Naru. Most of officers in Naru were military in Afghanestan and Iraq and they are so aggressive and treat us like their enemy and most of them havn’t stable mentally situation. Here is so hot and we imagine most of times , it’s above 45 degree and we are staying in plastic tends and tends floors are coverd by wood and lots of harmful insects are inside them. Due to shape of floors , our tends are full of water when it rains and every where get totally wet. Our only cooller equipment in this hot weather is a fan which is not enough at all. Alot of children , pregnant woman, aged and sick people stay in same above condition. Public toilets aren’t enough and they are very dirty and most of times we don’t have hand wash liquid. We can have a razer or gillette one in a week or one in two weeks. Taste of food is discustingand we eat them to stay alive and i lost 8 kilos. The only entertainment is a gym in a tend which is opened recently without any air-condition which is totally useless in this high hit. We have to take shower within three minutes per day which is not enough to wash our hairs and it is so stressful for adults and children. We have access to internet one hour per week and internet station is 25min far by bus. We can use phone only 10 minutes in a week. Most of children in detention effected by a virus named school sore in whole of their body. All husband and wives should stay with singles and children in same tend. We are suffering alot in here. They are persecuting us to force us return to our country , but our life is in danger in our homeland, but in Naru , Australian government killing us slowly. Children don’t have access to school and proper education from nine months ago. Single smoker females sell their body in worth of a cigarette because there isn’t any cigarette in shop for them. There isn’t any proper medicare in here and we have to stay in a longe line for one hour to get our essential medication. There is only one fired and burnt hospital in Naro which is very harror and dirty and in case of emergency they took us there. We don’t know what is going to happen to us . our future is dark . we are breaking in detention and our children’s mental health is in danger.Nobody care about us not red cross, not human rights commission . When we decided to come to Australia as asylum seeker we thought Australia signed refugee convention and could be safe place for us and will protect us , if we knew we will be stuck and depressed in detention we never choose Australia. Please help us our hands are close and cann’t return home. Every hour in here is persecuting.

Letter from Nauru 2

Hello Everyone, I heard your kind voice and came from other part of the Globe to survive my life and live in peace for rest of my life. I always believe you but you never believe in me within these eight months. Inspite of my huge pain and suffers, you didn’t believe me. I don’t know, what’s the problem? Me who bilieve so soon? Or you who see how i am sick and dieing slowly and just sit and watch our slow death and never believe us? In these eight mounths ihms just prescribed various kinds and most strongest pain reliefers that effect on my other obdominal part of body’s function. Few months ago, finally took me to Darwin for treatment without my husband and my teenager daughter who were staying in Christmas island detention and my son who was staying in single camp and devided my family to three part, it was cruel as they were awared that i wasn’t able to do my simple personal works due to my weakness. In Darwin they did x-ray and ultra-sound , that’s all and told me i have to return to christmas island and should wait for operation within these period i lost 20 kgs of my weight, except of my gall bladder’s stones, i ‘ve got problem for my swallowing and from 40 days ago alots of glands and tumours are growing on my tongue, throat, intestines and stomache, these tumours caused that i can not eat anything. Those are so painful and i always feel inside of my mouth and throat are burnt by boiled water. General doctors aren’t able to prescribe any proper medication for me anymore and just keep saying” you will be transfer for treatment but we have no idea when?” This is my second immigrant. First one was fourty two years ago when i was only five years old and i spend many terrible years of my childhood full of fears, night mares and stress in iran detentions. After fourty two years , i came here as asylum seeker to live free and find hope and new life with my family in Australia. Regretfully, from our arrival to Australia all my nightmares and stresses are repeatting again and i am persecutting physically, mentally and emotionally in a country which is claim of humanity …