CLOSE MANUS – STOP ATTACKS ON REFUGEES – Protest 1pm Sat March 1, State Library

1.00pm State Library Sat March 1st
* CLOSE MANUS ISLAND – CLOSE NAURU * independent inquiry now * end the secrecy, let journalists in… * sack Scott Morrison * justice for Reza Berati
Over 1500 marched in Melbourne on February 21 during work hours to protest the horrific murder of a young Kurdish asylum seeker, Reza Berati and the vicious attack on asylum seekers by PNG police and G4S security guards.
Refugee Action Collective is calling on all supporters of refugee rights to mobilise once again. We need to show the Australian government that we are determined to put an end to this racist policy of offshore processing, of punishing refugees for daring to seek asylum in Australia. It is this policy which is to blame for the vicious attack on Manus that has left one man dead and 77 injured.
We need to say loudly and clearly that Morrison and Abbott have blood on their hands. They are responsible for the safety of asylum seekers they imprison on Manus Island and should be held accountable. Shut down Manus now! End offshore processing & detention! Bring the refugees to Australia now! Justice for Reza Berati!